Medical Marijuana Cultivators & Process Workers Union


WE ARE SORRY ALL Apprenticeships are Suspended due to a lack of funding we will get back to you with the New Plan Soon


Medical Grade Consulting has partnered exclusively in NYS with MMCPW (Medical Marijuana Cultivators and Process Workers Union.)

The MMCPW Union is the first of its kind that was created in 2014 to represent the entire staff of all New York State chartered registered dispensaries and all ancillary business that will arise as a result of the new NYS law legalizing Medical Marijuana. The Union verbiage in the NYS law requires all registry applicants must provide representation to all facets of work force working with Medical Marijuana in New York State and they must have in place a  “Labor Peace Agreement”.  The NYS law requires at the time of application that applicants have to have in place a “Labor Peace Agreement” with a bonafide Trade Union.

Training & Certification

Every potential Union Worker must pass a Criminal background check. All qualified workers will then enter into our apprenticeship program. Upon completion of the apprenticeship program employees will receive a legitimate medically accredited certification in there desired areas of work.

Job Placement

MMCPW will bee working closely with all state approved applicants who will be participating in and utilizing OUR LABOR PEACE AGREEMENT.

Employers identified by NYS as successful applicants will then utilize the MMCPW’s certified workers to staff their businesses.

Potential MMCPW job positions include cultivators, extractors,pharmacists, quality control, laboratory technician, security officers, confectionery/bakers, clerical, management, housekeeping, delivery personal ex…

Our labor standards and good practices for employers was created using all known data about Medical Marijuana currently available.


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