Mission Statement

We at Medical Grade Consulting are committed to assisting governments and growers cultivate high quality organic product standards for public consumption, as well as provide direction in creating a business platform and public use standards for states or municipalities. We achieve this by providing support and education, training, tools and information. In a new industry in which education and resources are fragmented, we seek to change and unify this system by disseminating knowledge and helping others cultivate, evaluate and dispense according to the letter of the law to insure public safety, cutting through red tape and helping to simplify the process for the potential entrepreneurs seeking to open new business in your municipality.

From seed to success our goal is to assist Municipalities create the local standards that will shape the business climate in their towns or cities and create standards that will ensure Certified Consumption Grade Cannabis is offered in these retail locations (“for profit businesses”) and to ensure proper public opinion is addressed as well as public concerns when recreational use is the law. Direct  the potential new businesses requests and help them navigate your towns requirements to open this type of company.

As a company headquartered in a Cross border town to a Country with recreational use law in motion these concerns will figure predominantly as you move forward. Public use guidelines and Public information campaigns will need to be created and maintained we have the plan for your town.

We have partnered with a team of experts who have sought out and researched cultivation practices used in other states and countries for over 30 years and have developed a system that includes the most efficient growing techniques, indoor garden technology, and safest cultivation practices.

Our aim is to assist our clients to be part of this positive change and to assist in the transformation by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Moving forward, we feel it is part of our duty to work with lawmakers on both sides of the border to expand and perfect this law with this more inclusive purpose with an eye to create more options for our clients who wish to grow their businesses or server their constituents, city, town or Province.

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