Philip Beavers Jr.


Philip Beavers Jr.

Marijuana Consultant/Medical Marijuana Researcher/Legalization Activist/Professional/Certified Master Locksmith/Security Consultant/Community Activist/ President of The Lovejoy Village Association Buffalo NY

Since 1984 Phil has been involved with several non-profit organizations starting with B.A.C.H (Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp). His duties included research and to distribute literature to create public awareness and to help change laws and public opinion towards marijuana, promote other uses for hemp including, Fuel, Fiber, Food and Pharmaceuticals and work toward creating industrial jobs using New York grown hemp.

Co/Authored a Marijuana Feasibility Study with registered lobbyist Marilyn Craig. The study was submitted in to NY Legislation in 1992.

Attended meetings in Washington D.C. regarding DPF (Drug Policy Foundation). Worked to Reform DEA Scheduling Policies for Medical Marijuana. I ran and maintained informational tables in many public awareness events across the USA.

Worked Closely with Dennis Peron and the other co/authors of “Proposition 215” The Compassionate Use Act that was enacted into law in 1996 in California. Worked at the Grass Roots Level with C.A.N (Cannabis Action Network) to Gain Signatures for the initial process to bring the measure to ballot.

Worked closely on Thomas K Leighton’s gubernatorial campaign for of the Marijuana Reform Party in his bid for the governor’s race against George Pataki.

Organized “May Day” rally & temperance march for Dana Beal’s NYC political based public awareness group called “Cures Not Wars” in Buffalo, Acted as the local spokesperson for media including local News and CNN Interviews, Secured Insurances, Permits, Stage Vendors Secure Donations to Fund the Event Secure Musical Acts and Public Speakers.

Created a “Proprietary Dispensary Model” and delivery system that ensures against diversion for the Medical Marijuana Industry.





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